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George Avramescu

Global Speaker | Financial Educator| Leadership Model

George Avramescu

Global Speaker | Financial Educator| Leadership Model
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George is a British citizen who has recently moved to Bucharest after living in London. His latest position has been as a Group Accountant for the biggest UK independent Property Management Company – Rendall and Rittner. He has spent 6 years in the role crossing paths with some of the highest calibre professionals. Despite receiving numerous offers from London and Frankfurt’s powerhouses, he has decided to move to Romania to take advantage of the emerging markets as well as the opportunity of joining Vulpoi & Toader Management.


Topic: “Theory Free Leadership”

Synopsis “The world is being bombarded with information nowadays and the key to maximum effectiveness and impact is managing to efficiently select the appropriate information and use it for the needed purpose. Leadership is a very popular topic and generous and vast information is available both in digital and hard copy capturing numerous interpretations. The message transmitted fades away the moment the book or the file have been closed. A more practical approach may have a greater impact with the message channelled in the right way.”

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Theory Free Leadership

28 Sep 2018
10:30 - 11:30