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Ayres Thiago

Consultant| Educator| Angel Investor | Global Speaker

Ayres Thiago

Consultant| Educator| Angel Investor | Global Speaker
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Ayres is Global Managing Director at PMO Global Alliance, global leading firm on organizational project, program and portfolio management.

Consultant, educator, angel investor and global speaker in the areas of governance, management, innovation and leadership. With degrees on 3 continents, helps corporations and startups in their strategic challenges. In this professional trajectory, Ayres has been to more than 10 countries and became a nonconformist with traditional management, orthodox education and the status quo – a transformational activist. An optimist who sees opportunities for every problem, who bets people are the foundation of every success and who believes that the ultimate art of sophistication is being simple

Topic: “Lean PMO as a key of Business Agility”.

Synopsis: How to make your PMO generate value in the age of transformation? Lean thinking, adaptable mindset, business agility and the right approach are the answer. One size does NOT fit all, so your organization needs a structured path to find the ideal PMO model that will respond to stakeholders’ expectations and generate value without wasting any unnecessary resources – money, people or time!

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